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Quinte West

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Astro Pink Strain

SKU: 211810 $50.00$150.00

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Apple Gelato Strain

SKU: 211809 $44.00

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Introducing Hundred Hybrid, the ultimate strain for a well-rounded cannabis experience. This premium hybrid brings together the best of both worlds, delivering a harmonious blend of sativa and indica effects that will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed.
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SKU: N/A $77.00$99.00

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Looking for a high-quality hybrid strain that delivers both relaxation and euphoria? Look no further than OG Kush. This legendary strain is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its potent effects and distinct aroma.
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OG Kush

SKU: 311333 $99.00$321.00

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Introducing Pink Kush, the Indica Dominant Hybrid that will transport you to a state of ultimate relaxation. This exquisite strain boasts a well-balanced blend of genetics, resulting in a truly unique cannabis experience.
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Pink Kush

SKU: N/A $100.00$900.00

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SKU: N/A $89.00$199.00

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Introducing Bruce Hybrid, the ultimate strain for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a remarkable experience. This delightful hybrid offers the perfect balance of indica and sativa, delivering a truly unique and memorable effect.
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SKU: 4211233 $39.99$155.00

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Introducing Chemdawg, an extraordinary hybrid strain that will take your cannabis experience to new heights! This sought-after strain is renowned for its powerful effects and unmatched potency, making it a favorite among seasoned enthusiasts.
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SKU: N/A $39.50$99.00

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Introducing Dirty Kush Breath, a potent and sought-after hybrid strain that will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and uplifted. This top-shelf strain is known for its unique combination of effects, making it a favorite among both recreational and medicinal users.
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Dirty Kush Breath (M)

SKU: 3017G42 $43.00$89.00

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Introducing DK, an exquisite Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that will take your cannabis experience to new heights. With its extraordinary combination of genetics, this strain delivers a potent and well-balanced effect that is truly remarkable.
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SKU: 4010100 $89.00$199.00

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Introducing Hawaiian, the invigorating and uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid strain that will transport you to the tropical islands of Hawaii.
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SKU: N/A $99.00$110.00

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Discover the power of Falcon 9, a captivating indica dominant hybrid that will elevate your cannabis experience. Try it today!
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Falcon 9

SKU: 1005450 $1,000.00

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Discover the blissful tranquility of Pink, an exquisite indica dominant hybrid strain. With its beautiful trichome-covered buds and unique pink hue, this strain is a sight to behold.
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SKU: 10022133 $100.00

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Looking for a strain that combines the best of both worlds? Look no further than Runtz, a potent hybrid that offers the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria.
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SKU: 3333 $45.00$55.00

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Looking for a cannabis strain that will make your special day even more memorable? Look no further than Wedding Cake!
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Wedding Cake

SKU: 103333 $99.00
Looking for a premium Indica strain that will take your relaxation to the next level? Look no further than High Octane!
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High Octane

SKU: 10000011 $100.00$130.00

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SKU: IMP_FALCON-9 $65.00

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Looking for a sweet, fruity and potent strain? Look no further than Pink Runtz, an exquisite hybrid that is sure to please even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.
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Pink Runtz (AA)

SKU: IMP_GORILLA-BUTTER $100.00$400.00