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Introducing Platinum, an exquisite Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that guarantees a luxurious and relaxing experience. This premium cannabis strain is now available exclusively at GoBananas.

Platinum is renowned for its impressive potency and unique blend of effects. With a strong indica dominance, this strain delivers a deeply calming and soothing experience that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The effects of Platinum are second to none. Its blissful relaxation properties leave users with a tranquil and euphoric state of mind, melting away stress and tension. This strain is also known for its remarkable pain-relieving qualities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from chronic discomfort.

The beautifully balanced characteristics of Platinum make it a versatile choice for both recreational and therapeutic cannabis users. Whether you are looking to unwind and escape from the pressures of everyday life or seeking relief from physical ailments, This is is the strain for you.

At our E-commerce store, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality cannabis products directly to your doorstep. With Platinum, you can expect nothing less than a premium and indulgent experience. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offering – order your Platinum Indica Dominant Hybrid today and elevate your cannabis journey to new heights.

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Package Weight

1 (G), 1/8OZ, 1/4OZ (7G), 1/2OZ (14G), 1OZ (28G)


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